Community Development

Making the most of learning opportunities for our students and their families!!….

“The purpose of a school is to help a family educate a child.” Don Edgar

The mission of the Community Development team is “To make links and develop partnerships within the school and wider community so that the contributions we make are of value.” Our vision is that “We are striving to build positive relationships that embrace and connect people within and beyond our school community.”

Community Development within a school setting is about developing positive relationships and working with parents, families and wider community groups and members to add value to, and improve student learning outcomes. Students need to make positive connections with those around them and learn most effectively when families and schools are working together to achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

The importance of community has been emphasized by the recently released Blueprint (II) for Education and Early Childhood Development. The vision is that every young Victorian thrives, learns and grows to enjoy a productive, rewarding and fulfilling life, while contributing to both their local and global communities. A strategy for reform included the strengthening of partnerships with parents and communities, to ensure that parents and families are valued partners in their children’s development by learning through working with families, communities, business allowing opportunities for all Victorians.

Berwick Fields is already a pioneering school at the forefront of community development, having included it as a priority during the planning and building of the school and in its foundation years. Therefore, Berwick Fields has an excellent culture of community that requires continual maintenance, building, renewal, redesign or direction.

We celebrated our 5th Birthday this year with a big celebration of staff, students and community, not only did we participate in ‘Together We Achieve’ Games, a spectacular assembly and birthday celebration, we culminated in the 5th Fields Birthday Frenzy on the Saturday. We are so proud of the community culture that we have been able to build at Berwick Fields over the last five years

“School is a place where community members can come together to think.” Anon

“School is the centre of a community. It is where families meet to learn.” Anon


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