Environmental Education

Through ownership of our school’s environmental action the students of Berwick Fields are making a difference!

From the very beginning care for the environment has been a core principle at Berwick Fields. We are one of few schools to offer Environmental Education as a specialist subject.

Our Environmental Education program is offered to all students weekly. The program aims to build knowledge about the world around us, bring awareness to sustainable practises and foster a sense of care for our environment.

In the Junior Years students engage in activities, discussions and lessons within our Environmental Education classroom. These sessions focus on building students sense of connection with and motivation to care for the environment. Areas investigated include:

  • The needs of living things
  • Classifying the features of living things and their environments
  • How living things grow, change and reproduce
  • Changes can be observed in the landscape and sky (seasons), that affect animals (migration)
  • The Earth is a source of many resources that can be used and conserved

In the Senior Years the students have a structured lesson in our kitchen garden where they learn about various plants and animals as part of the science curriculum. The program also requires the students to grow fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs in the garden then utilise these in the kitchen. During the program it is hoped that all students will learn skills that will last them a life time, and discover how much fun it is to grow and cook their own seasonal produce.

Environmental and Garden Leaders

Students in Year 6 have the opportunity to apply to become a Garden or Environmental Leaders. This gives selected students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, leadership skills and passion in these areas.

Student Waste Management Program Landfill, Paper/Cardboard Recycling, Compost, Recycling, School Grounds

Our students are educated on how to effectively recycle and reuse in their classrooms at the beginning of each year and are then responsible to manage their waste in their classrooms. Each room has a paper recycling, compost, general recycling and a landfill bin which the students use to dispose of their rubbish and which also contribute as a visual reminder of how they can help the environment each day.

Connecting with Our Community Environmentally
Students and staff are involved in various environmental excursions and celebrations such as Clean Up Australia Day and Nude food day.

Students at Berwick Fields Primary school are lucky to have a wonderful wetlands area, which can be utilised at snack and lunch times as well as incorporated into classroom programs. Students in Environmental Education love exploring the wetlands at any time of year, in any weather, listening for frogs and discovering insects and other creatures fortunate enough to call this area home!

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