Reports and Specialist Assessment Rubrics

At Berwick Fields we provide parents and families with a report on their child’s progress twice a year. These reports can be accessed through the Compass Parent Portal. They have been created in conjunction with the guidelines developed by the Department of Education and Training.

Together our mid-year and end of year reports aim to provide families with:

  • comprehensive information about your child’s academic and social development;
  • strategies that will help to improve your child’s learning, at home and at school; and
  • personal reflections by your child about their progress.

We also hold Three Way Conferences to give¬†families the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with the teacher, and develop future learning goals. Furthermore, parents are invited to visit the classroom teachers whenever there is a need. The only request we make is that such visits take place outside of teaching time. You can ask for a conference with your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress.

Specialist Assessment Rubrics

Learning in our Specialist Programs is assessed against a rubric. You can download and view a copy of these rubrics here.

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