Student Led Conferences

At Berwick Fields Primary School we aim to give the learner increasing responsibility and ownership for their learning so they can develop into independent, life-long learners. One of the best ways we could involve the students in their own learning is to have them conduct and participate in a ‘Student-Led Conference’.  This means that each child conducts a fifteen-minute discussion with a family member/s and their teacher, and be part of the discussion group.

A ‘Student-Led Conference’ is an authentic way to encourage the students to take responsibility for their own learning, actions and decisions.  This process also demonstrates to the students that we positively support their learning and acknowledges the value we place on their views and the respect we have for their opinions.  It also clearly demonstrates that, together, we will support their learning and celebrate their achievements.

Along with the student’s mid-year report, families receive a questionnaire that we ask them to complete.   We request that family member’s record any information that they would like discussed at the conference.  These details help each child and their teacher prepare for the conference.

Please note that if there is some matter that parents particularly want to discuss without their child’s presence, they are welcome to make an alternate appointment with the teacher.

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