Information Sessions

Berwick Fields Primary School offers a range of information sessions at different times throughout the year to build partnerships with families and build a connection between learning at home and at school. These sessions are generally planned and presented by staff in response to the needs of our families. Feedback is often sought to ensure our workshops and information sessions are effective and meet the needs of our community. At times, information sessions are also provided from external agencies. Families are provided with opportunities to communicate their learning needs to inform future planning or they can contact the school at any time.


Language Support Program – Parent Information Session

‘Writing is Exciting’ Workshop

Prep Writing Workshop 2016


Mathematics Information Session – Kinder Parent Information Session 2014 – Mathematics

Parent Information Session 2014 – Mathematics


2015 Prep Transition Session – Essential Learnings

Prep Transition Parent Session – Community Development

Prep Transition Parent Session – Health & Wellbeing

Prep Transition Parent Session – Finance Presentation

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