Schoolwide Positive Behaviour

At Berwick Fields Primary School, we believe in the right of every child to feel safe and happy at school, and the right of every child to learn, uninterrupted. We believe in these values as they help to strengthen our community and build a strong and supportive team. They will also help to maximise each child’s opportunity to learn. In order to enact these rights, we have shared expectations of all members of our community.

Berwick Fields is a part of the Department of Education and Training’s Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support Program (PBS). Through the PBS program, we focus on explicitly teaching expected behaviours at school, having clear expectations of all students and clear processes to enact when students are not demonstrating the behaviours expected at Berwick Fields. We also reinforce and recognize the positive behaviours and choices that 99% of our students make all of the time.

On this page we have highlighted these expectations.

We look forward to your support with this program and helping to model these expected behaviours. This helps to make Berwick Fields a strong team and fantastic place where everyone has the best opportunity to learn. Working together, both as parents, students and teachers, we can help each student to achieve their personal best and have a fantastic experience at Berwick Fields Primary School.





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