Child Safe Policies

Working with Children’s Checks

At Berwick Fields we warmly welcome and encourage the support of parents and grandparents at Berwick Fields Primary School. We have great examples of how we are able offer families opportunities to enrich our school based programs such as reading, spelling, Perceptual Motor Program (PMP), Kitchen, Garden, excursions and camps! We do not want to see this stop, if anything we want to see it grow and grow, within our welcoming and friendly atmosphere!

When you, or a family member come to the school for an event such as assembly, our much loved Easter Bonnet parade, Mother’s Day afternoon, Father’s Day celebration or open afternoon, you do not need a Working with Children Check as you are not directly working with children but are attending either a whole school or year level based event.

Nevertheless, in light of our School Council endorsed, Child Safe Policy (see below), we do require you to have a Working with Children Check if you volunteer on a regular basis e.g. a weekly helper with classroom reading or spelling program, coaching a sport team, helping groups in the kitchen, going on an excursion or supporting students at swimming. This check can be obtained from

You only need to obtain a volunteer check and must list Berwick Fields Primary School as the place you will be volunteering as we receive a list of those checks. Once you have done this we need you to present your card to your child’s teacher and to the front office so that your details can be checked against our register received from the Department of Justice. In the event that you are volunteering for longer than 15 minutes, we ask that you sign in at the front office where you will be issued with a lanyard so you can display your card.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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