One hundred or Bust!

Knock Knock!

Close Call!

Intro to Bee-Bots



Here are some students from 1E having a play with our new Bee-Bots.  They look like they are having so much fun!

3F’s Time Telling devices

Check out the time telling devices that 3F created!  How creative are they!


5E Mannequin Challenge

It may not exactly be maths related (although I am positive I can find some maths in this somewhere!) but how cool is this!  Check out 5E doing the mannequin challenge!

3D – Build a City project

Here is a little clip of some of the students working on their ‘Build a City’ project back in the first couple of weeks….

Check out more photos from their journey through this project on the maths blog –

Give the Dog a Bone

Here are 2 lovely students from 2B playing a game that is a bit of a favourite in their class.  In case you are having a bit of trouble hearing them (we had some sound issues) you need to find the number where the bone is located.  The grid is like a hundreds chart so you can work out where the number would be.  You have to try and find 10 bones in a minute!  Here is the link:



This is one of my favourite maths games!  Here are Harun and Coen from 3D teaching us how to play Mastermind!

Mastermind 2

Here are some lovely students from 5E also playing mastermind.  Here is a great example of how a game can be adapted for different year levels.  They are playing it using decimals!

Year 3 Olympics Day

I went out and visited the Year 3’s last week and watched the compete in their Olympic events.  I actually think there was a lot of maths involved!  What do you think?

Here is the 100m race!

Here is the egg and spoon race!

Here is the bean bag shot put!

Here is the long jump!


Here is the frisbee discus!

Here is the start of the long distance race…..

….. and here is the end of the long distance race!

Minute to Win it – Apple Stack!

Go Jai!  (He did actually win the prize for this challenge!)

Minute to Win it – Cup Stack!

It sounds easy in theory….

Minute to Win it – Ping Pong Tic Tac Toe!

Wow!  Look at how quick he got  three in a row!

Minute to Win it – Tweeze Me activity!

See Keira smash it out in 30 seconds!

Cricket Maths 2

Now they run through one turn to show us how to record it.  Thanks again guys!

Cricket Maths 1

Thanks to Josh and YaWen for showing us how to play Cricket Maths.  I was excited to learn this one myself!


Here’s Jackson and Jordan to teach you how to play ‘Leftovers’.  I love this game!


100 or Bust

And here’s Bailey and Ridah to show you how to play ‘100 or Bust’.  Such professionalism. Even with an announcement interrupting their game!


9 Piles – Developing Basic Number Facts with Mrs Green

Watch Yobie, Lily and Nathan playing nine piles. This is a card game which engages students in practising their tens mates. Tens mates are two numbers that add together to make ten.


Making 10

Here is Brodie and Vansh from 6B to show you how to play the card game ‘Make 10’.



Here are some of the students from 5E playing one of their favourite games!  Scopa is a card game where students can practise their addition skills and strategies.  It is a great card game but has a few rules you need to follow so make sure you watch carefully.


Here are the rules for anyone who wants to have a read while they play!   Scopa Rules


This is a noisy but fun game!  Here are Tahlia, Sara and Ainsley to teach you how to play.  Enjoyed across many year levels!

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