Berwick Fields Primary School

Health & Physical Education

At Berwick Fields Primary School we take great pride in our Physical Education program. Our Program is developed sequentially from Prep – six and encompasses the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.


The health program is implemented in the classroom through an integrated approach or as a single topic which may include food and nutrition, health benefits of physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, puberty and personal safety. The program is supported by the Kid’s Roar program run in Term 4.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Program at Berwick Fields is designed to prepare students for a healthy and active lifestyle through the development of skills, knowledge, teamwork and positive attitudes. All students have a regular sport time and further participate in active games with their classroom teacher.

Berwick Fields’ excellent facilities accommodates all types of physical activity, both indoor and outdoor. Our grounds consist of two outdoor courts which can be used for basketball, netball, tennis, volleyball and minor games. We also have an indoor basketball court which is used for many sport lessons but also has a projector and sound system for presentations, ICT linked learning and school assemblies. Our extensive grounds also includes a full size football oval large enough to hold athletics carnivals and competitions during Interschool Sports.

When students participate in the Physical Education program at Berwick Fields, they are educated in a range of different sporting experiences with a focus on fitness, motor skills, sportsmanship, game sense and teamwork. Students in grades four to six have the opportunity to participate in athletics, swimming and cross-country with the ultimate aim of representing Berwick Fields at district through to state level.

Students in Foundation participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) once a week in their own allocated learning space. It is a sequential program that aims to strengthen children’s perceptions and understandings of themselves and the world around them with fine and gross motor development.

Foundation – 2 students are involved in an intensive 8 day swimming program run over a two week block at Casey Race. Our grade 3-5 students have the opportunity to participate in a Water Safety day and our grade 6 students are tested to ensure they can swim 50m under the Department of Education requirements.

District Sport

Berwick Fields Primary School is a member of the Edwin Flack District Sports Association.

Our grade six students train and compete in the Interschool Sport program with summer sports in Term 1 and Winter sports in Term 2.   

Teams that win the premiership move on to the district level competition. The sports include:

Summer- Softball, volleystars, rounders, basketball and T20 cricket.
Winter- Football, kickball, tee ball, soccer and netball.

Extra Sporting Activities Offered