Berwick Fields Primary School

Kitchen Garden

At Berwick Fields Primary School, the Kitchen Garden program is run for all students in Levels 4,5 and 6, with kitchen and garden classes occurring weekly. The aim of the Kitchen Garden program is to introduce pleasurable food education for all students participating.

The Kitchen Garden Program emphasises the flavours as well as the health benefits of fresh, seasonal food. Dishes cooked reflect the vegetables, herbs and fruits grown by the children in the schools gardens and seasonal produce available.

The program is designed to be fully integrated into the primary school curriculum, as it offers infinite possibilities to reinforce literacy, numeracy, science, cultural studies and all aspects of environmental sustainability. In addition, the program delivers observable social benefits to all students, including those with special needs.

Students learn to work in small groups, follow instructions, read recipes, collect, measure, and prepare ingredients, use utensils and cooking equipment and most importantly enjoy a shared meal together where they are encouraged to try a variety of new ingredients, some of which they have helped grow in our garden.

Keep an eye on our school website and Facebook page for yummy recipes to try at home, along with photos of students cooking up a storm and the produce/ dishes we have been growing and preparing.