Berwick Fields Primary School

STEM & Environmental Studies

STEM at Berwick Fields Primary School is a combination of Science, Digital Technology and Design Technology. Students spend a session each week engaged in a hands-on, project-based learning tasks.

In the junior years, students spend equal time in the classroom and kitchen garden. In the classroom they are often engaged in scientific experiments or on design and engineering challenges. Students follow the BFPS Engineering Design Process that is based on an MIT model. All lessons involve a component of teamwork and collaborative problem solving in order to achieve success.

The kitchen garden program at BFPS has been a long-established program at Berwick Fields. Students spend time in the garden learning how to prepare and plant various fruits and vegetables that can be used in the kitchen. Students learn to identify the difference different plants in the garden and how to support their growth. Once plants are fully grown students get involved in the harvesting process, sending all produce to the kitchen for cooking.

Senior STEM classes focus on more advanced design and engineering concepts. Students dive deeper into the engineering process while learning about 3D design using software like Tinkercad and printing their designs on the schools 3D printers.

Berwick Fields also has a range of different robotics kits that are used by students across the school to learn about coding algorithms and problem solving.

Junior Environmental Studies

As part of the Environmental focus here at Berwick Fields Primary School, we offer Junior Environmental Science classes from Foundation through to grade three.

These sessions are built around the concept of building connections and passion for the amazing environment around us.

We start off by looking at living and non-living, animals groups and then quickly move onto learning about some of our incredible Australian Endangered animals, their threats and what we can do to help them.

These sessions help strengthen connections to the natural world around them, make them more aware of their impact on the environment and build upon and develop a love of the natural world which we hope they will share with the world around them.

To support them in their classes, increase engagement and build a better understanding of the learning, we play lots of games that help to take what they’ve learned and put it into context for them.