Berwick Fields Primary School

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to our Berwick Fields Primary School website. We certainly hope that by viewing this you are able to gain insights into our learning community and all that is offers our learners.

Our founding community, in 2006 determined a vision statement defining Berwick Fields Primary School is striving to build an involved community. One that fosters the achievement of personal best. One that makes a difference to others. To achieve this we aim to engage members in innovative and meaningful learning experiences. Within, a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and where care for the environment is demonstrated.

In pursuit of these aspirations Berwick Fields strives to foster dispositions, skills and deep understandings, enabling students to adapt to change and become effective members of the community. Great emphasis is placed on caring for the students, staff and families by providing an environment that is safe and secure; recognizing and rewarding achievement and personal effort, in line with the School Wide Positive Behavior program. To foster this environment we promote our school basics as being safe, respectful and responsible. Together families and staff provide all of our students with strategies to take responsibility for their own learning, personal development, with a care for the environment.

Our foundation students, staff and parents collaboratively identified the values of respect, co-operation, friendliness and enthusiasm which continue to be an integral to fostering a positive and inclusive relationships. Respect has been defined by community members as being ‘caring and thoughtful of others and the environment around us’. Cooperation is seen as ‘working together as a community to achieve a desired outcome, under all circumstances’. Friendliness is to ‘look out for each other, learn about each other and make sure everyone is ‘ok’. Enthusiasm is to be ‘excited and passionate, day to day’.

Learning is collaboratively designed by our staff in conjunction with our identified best practices, enabling us to provide effective literacy and numeracy programs. These are complimented by a wide range of stimulating learning experiences including a physical education program, environmental education (incorporating the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen/Garden program), visual arts, performing arts design technology, and Mandarin. An intervention program also supported students from years Prep to Six to improve their literacy and numeracy capabilities. Families also have the opportunity to take advantage of the community groups that use our basketball stadium and theatre.

Our school community is seen to be a highly involved community with the participation of parents strongly encouraged. Parents assist in classroom and support programs, School Council, fundraising and contribute to the development of the facilities and grounds.

I encourage you to ring the school for a personalized tour conducted by some of our grade six students. You will be so impressed by how proud and passionate they are about their school.

Kind regards,
Cate McKenzie